Termite Proof:

Not attacked by termites of any sort hence no dieldrin or other treatment required


By virtue of the cellular structure Fixopan, makes for sound absorption and thermal insulation without extra cost. If a higher degree of sound insulations is required this can be provided by the use of glass wool sandwiched between two layers of Fixopan.

Savings on electrical & Telephone:

Wiring can be passed through the hallows in the fixopan thus saving on electrical and telephone conduit costs.

Damp Proof:

Not affected by humidity of moisture

Fire resistant:

Fire resistant and self extinguishing when subjected to the flammability test.

No Maintenance:

Maintenance like painting, polishing is not required making for substantial saving in cost.

Thermally Non conductive:

Being of rigid vinyl thermal conductivity is very low; feels warm to the touch in cold weather. Likewise has insulating capacity, keeping out the wintry cold and summer heat.

No maintenance:

Maintenance like painting, polishing is not required making for substantial saving in cost.

No Wastage:

Since the members can be cut to predetermined sizes, wastage is negligible.


Ore economical when compared to block board, teak ply veneered partitions and partitions fabricated of second class teakwood paneling & ceiling.

Seism city:

Resistant to earthquake shocks. By virtue of the steel tubular framing in combination with the PVC cellular profile. This steals a march over conventional partitions, which crack and distort .

Profile Stability:

PVC product do not warp or distort and are free from risks of delamination as is the case with bonded boards.

Speediest Construction:

Speed if construction is a major advantage the time required for installation being 1/3rd the time required for conventional partitioning systems.

Space Saving:

Being two centimeters thick it occupies very little space, one fifth to one third a mojor consideration in rented accommodation.


Aesthetically pleasing and can be produced in a variety of pleasing colours / prints.


The material is very light. Requires no supports like beams. Substantial savings in cost of rcc beams columns and foundation accurse.

Demount ability:

Admits of dismantling and erection and reerection without loss in salvage value


Highly durable, rigid and shock resistant.